Woodscrew half thread metal golden star 8no and 10no philips head wood screws 1.5″,2″,2.5″,3″ pack of 100pcs (1423)

Woodscrew half thread metal golden star

rate is given for 1box =100pc

size : 35*8(1.5″) , 50*8(2″), 60*8(2.5″) , 75*8(3″) , 35*10(1.5″) , 50*10(2″) , 60*10(2.5″) , 75*10(3″)

thickness is 8no and 10no .

8no are thin and 10no are thicker.




Woodscrew half thread metal golden star

Introducing our Woodscrew Half Thread Metal Golden Star series, a versatile and reliable solution for your fastening needs. Crafted for durability and functionality, these screws come in two variations: 8no and 10no, differing in thickness for various applications.

Available in a range of sizes, including 358 (1.5 inches), 508 (2 inches), 608 (2.5 inches), 758 (3 inches), as well as 3510 (1.5 inches), 5010 (2 inches), 6010 (2.5 inches), and 7510 (3 inches), these screws are adaptable for different projects.

The golden star finish not only offers a visually appealing aesthetic but also ensures corrosion resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Packed conveniently in boxes of 100 pieces each, our Woodscrew Half Thread Metal Golden Star series provides excellent value and quality.

Choose the appropriate size and thickness to suit your specific requirements, whether you need a thinner 8no or a thicker 10no variant. These screws guarantee secure and sturdy fastening for your woodworking, construction, or DIY projects.

Golden Star Half Thread Woodscrew, your ultimate solution for all your woodworking and metal fastening needs. Crafted to perfection, this remarkable product combines strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal in one sleek package.

With a gleaming golden finish, the Golden Star Woodscrew doesn’t just fasten, it dazzles. Its half thread design offers exceptional grip and stability, ensuring your projects remain securely held together. Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the ease with which this woodscrew bites into both wood and metal surfaces.

Precision-engineered from high-quality metal, these screws are built to last. They resist corrosion, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Plus, the Golden Star half thread woodscrews are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs, from small repairs to large-scale construction projects.

Experience the reliability and versatility of the Golden Star Woodscrew – your trusted companion for any fastening task. Its golden star finish not only adds a touch of elegance to your projects but also symbolizes the quality and excellence you can expect from this exceptional product. Elevate your craftsmanship and choose the Golden Star Half Thread Woodscrew for all your woodworking and metal fastening endeavors. It’s more than just a screw; it’s a shining star in the world of fasteners.

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35*8(1.5"), 50*8(2"), 60*8(2.5"), 75*8(3"), 35*10(1.5"), 50*10(2"), 60*10(2.5"), 75*10(3")

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