Silicone sealent dowsil 789 silicone weatherproofing sealant 300ml clear,white,black (1328)

Silicone sealent dowsil 789 silicone weatherproofing

available colour :clear(transperent),white,black

bonds multi materials,flexible and durable,uv resistant,water resistant,no smell.

weatherproof sealant, indoor & outdoor, ACP, glass, glazing, tiles, ultra fast drying, heat resistant, no stringing, waterproof silicone 300 ml .

 weatherproof silicone sealants are meant for high performance joints both indoors & outdoors. They are  silicones with excellent adhesion & naturally resistant to all weather conditions.

before using ensure that surface is dry,clean of dust and free of any substances.



Silicone sealent dowsil 789 silicone weatherproofing

DowSil 789 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant is a versatile and high-performance solution designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. This advanced silicone sealant is available in three classic colors: clear (transparent), white, and black, providing flexibility to suit various aesthetic preferences.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Material Bonding: DowSil 789 excels at bonding a variety of materials, making it a reliable choice for diverse applications.
  2. Flexibility and Durability: This silicone sealant offers exceptional flexibility, ensuring that joints remain intact even under dynamic conditions. Its durable composition ensures a long-lasting seal.
  3. UV Resistant: Engineered to withstand the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, DowSil 789 maintains its integrity and color over time, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  4. Water Resistant: The sealant’s water-resistant properties make it suitable for applications where exposure to moisture is a concern, providing a reliable barrier against water ingress.
  5. Odor-Free: DowSil 789 is formulated to be odor-free, ensuring a pleasant application experience without any lingering smells.
  6. Weatherproof Sealant: Specifically designed for weatherproofing, this silicone sealant provides excellent performance in a variety of weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for exterior applications.
  7. Indoor & Outdoor Use: Whether sealing joints indoors or providing weatherproofing outdoors, DowSil 789 offers consistent performance across various environments.
  8. Compatible with Multiple Surfaces: This silicone sealant is suitable for a range of surfaces, including Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP), glass, glazing, tiles, and more.
  9. Ultra-Fast Drying: DowSil 789 is engineered for quick drying, allowing for efficient application and minimizing downtime.
  10. Heat Resistant: The sealant demonstrates heat resistance, ensuring stability and effectiveness even in high-temperature environments.
  11. No Stringing: DowSil 789 is formulated to eliminate stringing during application, making the process cleaner and more manageable.
  12. Waterproof Formula: With its waterproof silicone formula, DowSil 789 provides a robust barrier against water infiltration.
  13. Convenient Packaging: Available in a 300 ml size, the packaging is user-friendly and facilitates easy application.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Ensure that the application surface is dry, clean of dust, and free from any substances before using DowSil 789 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant.
  2. Follow standard safety guidelines for handling and applying silicone sealants.

DowSil 789 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant is your go-to solution for achieving high-performance joints with outstanding weather resistance, flexibility, and durability. Choose DowSil 789 for reliable and long-lasting sealing in various indoor and outdoor applications.

About this item

  • New generation neutral silicone, with greater adhesion properties and wide versatility of use due to special mechanical properties
  • Clean and wireless with perfect extrusion
  • Allows maximum protection for the consumer, thanks to its reduced emissions in the air (A+) and as it is 100% free from oxides (harmful to health).
  • Ideal for perimeter seals, expansion joints, glazing, sanitary, room controlled and face where there is a risk of mould formation (contains fungicide).
  • Fusion XLT combine the advantages of excellent primerless adhesion properties, neutra lity and long shelf life.
  • Ideal for:Outdoor ACP panel & façade joints,Glazing & glass joints, Indoor, sanitary & tiling joints
  • Multimaterial Compatibility: Compatible with Wood & Painted Wood, Glass, Aluminium, Concrete, PVC & PC Copper, Ceramic & Tiles, Stainless Steel, Brass etc
  • Product description

    Directions – 1) Ensure the surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry. 2) Cut the nozzle end and fit it to a cartridge gun. 3) Apply a zig zag bead of the adhesive along the joint , panel or stud. Assemble the joint within 10 minutes and clamp with nails, screws or fasteners for at least 24 hours. 4) Remove we adhesive excess with mineral turpentine. Dry excess adhesive can be sanded or scraped.

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white, clear, black

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