Polyurethane foam 333 boss triple expanding multi use pu foam750ml (1289)

Polyurethane foam 333 boss triple expanding

boss triple expanding foam is a multipurpose,ready to use foam that expands to three times its original volume.with excellent insulation properties and superior adhesion, is it ideal for filling,fixing,insulation and sealing around windows windows,doors,partition walls,ceiling and floor joints,surface penetration of pipes and tubes through walls and floors.

directions for use:

1.shake can well for atleast 20 seconds.

2.surface must be clean and free of grease and oil .moisten surface with a water sprayer prior to application.

3.can must be held upside down during application.

4.fill void upto 50% to allow for expansion.

5.uncured foam can be cleaned with boss C-333 foam cleaner.

6.cured foam can be trimmed,sanded,painted orstained.foam must be painted or covered,if application isexposed to uv light.


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Polyurethane foam 333 boss triple expanding

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