Manichitra aldrop with mayur head (peacock) brass antique with lock 14″ long and 16mm rod thickness diamond cut model maindoor lock (1186)

Manichitra aldrop with mayur head (peacock) brass antique with lock 14″ long and 16mm rod thickness diamond cut model maindoor lock

pure brass material with diamond cutting shinning designs.

manichitra aldrop with peacock  head .

manichitra aldrop with lock with computerizes ultra key

all screws and bolts included.

suitable for double door ,maindoor ,all door etc


  • Whole Set of Manichitratazhu Aldrops keep your home and family safe by installing this Manichitrathazhu Aldrops. Our brand offers a luxury range of designer Aldrops  at the most affordable price range with top-notch quality and great finish.
  • We are proud to present our wide range of luxury Manichitratazhu Aldrops which impressing anyone with its state-of-the-art premium look and royal feel, supreme craftsmanship in modern style that really matches with modern doors and other furniture.
  • Manichitratazhu Aldrops crafted with best quality Brass, which available in solid gold finish, Antique Finish. Corrosion Resistance: Premium quality Brass provides an excellent, high class look, also for better performance, strength, and maintenance-free.
  •  Locks versatile and vast decorating Manichitrathazhu Aldrop range has the perfect finishing touch, with traditional Indian heritage touch it adds to the elegance of your room or home, bring new makeover to home door. This Aldrop can be used for a variety of doors, various dressers, main doors, etc. This Aldrop also adds elegance and a rich look to your door fittings and adds to your grandeur. It can be used on both sides of the door.
  • Locks Products inspired by Indian Heritage and classic artistic works believes in giving the best quality. our Locks are known for its undoubted renowned brand image for the best manufacturer and supplier of Door fittings, Mortise Lock Set, Door decoration hardware with reasonable prices all over in India kindly explore our vast Brass, Stainless Steel Mortise Lock set range.
  • Manichitrathazhu Lock a traditional lock of Kerala which adorns the front Doors.  Manichitra locks was a famous traditional lock in Nalukattu and Ettukettu however it is being used commonly in modern homes as well. It is crafted in brass with creative artwork on it and is famous for its unique style of traditional metal engraving artwork. It is long lasting and durable locks that secure your home

7,800.00 11,000.00


Manichitra aldrop with mayur head (peacock) brass antique with lock 14″ long and 16mm rod thickness diamond cut model maindoor lock

Enhance the security and elegance of your home with the Manichitra Aldrop featuring a majestic Mayur (peacock) head in antique brass, complete with a lock for added security. This 14″ long Aldrop boasts a robust 16mm rod thickness with a diamond-cut design, providing a luxurious touch to your main door.

Key Features:

  • Premium Pure Brass Material
  • Antique Brass Finish with Diamond Cutting Designs
  • Mayur (Peacock) Head Design
  • 14″ Length and 16mm Rod Thickness
  • Secure Lock Mechanism with Computerized Ultra Key
  • Suitable for Double Doors, Main Doors, and All Types of Doors
  • Easy Installation with Included Screws and Bolts

Description: Elevate the aesthetics of your main door with our Manichitra Aldrop, meticulously crafted from pure brass material. The diamond-cut designs and the distinctive Mayur head (peacock) enhance its visual appeal, making it a perfect fit for modern doors and furniture.

The Aldrop comes equipped with a secure lock featuring a computerized ultra key, ensuring the safety of your home. All necessary screws and bolts are included for easy and hassle-free installation.

Designed for versatility, this Aldrop is suitable for double doors, main doors, and various other door types. Its traditional Indian heritage touch adds elegance to your room or home, giving it a royal and luxurious feel.

Our Manichitra Aldrops are renowned for their top-notch quality, corrosion resistance, and maintenance-free durability. Choose from a range of finishes, including solid gold and antique, to match your preferences.

Inspired by Indian heritage and classic artistic works, our products aim to provide the best in quality and craftsmanship. The Manichitrathazhu Aldrop is a nod to the traditional locks of Kerala, adding a touch of cultural richness to your home while ensuring long-lasting security.

Secure your home with the best – explore our extensive collection of Brass and Stainless Steel Mortise Lock sets, Door decoration hardware, and more. Our products are known for their unparalleled quality, making us a trusted manufacturer and supplier of door fittings across India. Experience the blend of tradition and modernity with Manichitra Aldrops

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manichitrathazhu lock 3d model

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Weight 5.500 kg
Dimensions 80 × 30 × 12 cm

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