Maindoor handle steel matt SN312 round type 16″,22″,28″,42″(merit) pack of 1pc (1434)

Maindoor handle steel matt SN312

maindoor handle

total length size:16″,22″,28″,42″

16″ handle 25mm diameter.

22″,28″,42″ – handles have 32mm diameter.

material :steel

merit company best quality

screw fixing from front,bolt type fixing and allenkey type fixing all suitable

also suitable for temple doors,maindoor ,office doors



Maindoor handle steel matt SN312

The Maindoor Handle Steel Matt SN312 is a high-quality steel handle designed for main doors, available in various total length sizes: 16 inches, 22 inches, 28 inches, and 42 inches.

Key Features:

  • Sizes Available: It comes in different sizes to cater to various door dimensions, with different diameter specifications.
    • The 16″ handle features a 25mm diameter.
    • The 22″, 28″, and 42″ handles have a 32mm diameter.
  • Material: Crafted from durable steel, ensuring longevity and robustness.
  • Versatile Fixing Options: The handle offers versatile fixing options:
    • Screw fixing from the front.
    • Bolt type fixing.
    • Allen key type fixing, providing flexible installation choices.
  • Suitable Usage: Ideal for various doors such as temple doors, main doors, and office doors, reflecting its adaptability across different settings.
  • Company Reputation: The product comes from a reputed company known for its superior quality products.

The Maindoor Handle Steel Matt SN312 combines durability, versatility, and a sleek design suitable for various door types, offering a secure and aesthetic solution for door access.

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Weight 0.850 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 6 cm

16", 12", 28", 42"

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