Godrej Auto hinges m.s normal close 4hole 0,8,16 crank 1 year mechanism warrenty (1197)

Godrej Auto hinges m.s normal close 4hole

Available in 3 sizes:0 crank,8 crank,16 crank

orginal godrej company.

0 crank full overlay: MRP-118  product code:6933

8 crank half overlay  MRP-123  product cod:6934

16 crank inset MRP-129   product code:6935




Godrej Auto hinges m.s normal close 4hole

Suitable for small doors, wardrobe doors,loft doors etc.

35mm bit suitable for hole.(cup size 35mm)

With 4 screw heavy plate and 2 screw head .

Easily fix and remove system.

slip on system.

Angle of opening is 110⁰.

The Godrej Auto Hinges M.S Normal Close 4 Hole is a product offered by the original Godrej company, known for its quality and reliability. These hinges are available in three different sizes, each catering to various door installation needs. Below are the product descriptions for each size:

  1. 0 Crank Full Overlay
    • MRP (Maximum Retail Price): 118
    • Product Code: 6933
    • Description: The 0 Crank Full Overlay hinge is designed for doors that need to be completely flush with the surrounding frame. This hinge ensures a seamless and neat appearance when the door is closed.
  2. 8 Crank Half Overlay
    • MRP (Maximum Retail Price): 123
    • Product Code: 6934
    • Description: The 8 Crank Half Overlay hinge is suitable for doors where a portion of the door overlaps with the frame. It offers a strong and reliable connection while allowing for a partial door overlay.
  3. 16 Crank Inset
    • MRP (Maximum Retail Price): 129
    • Product Code: 6935
    • Description: The 16 Crank Inset hinge is designed for doors that are set inside the frame. This hinge creates a recessed appearance and is ideal for doors that require a flush, inset finish.

Godrej Auto Hinges M.S Normal Close 4 Hole hinges are known for their durability and ease of installation. Choose the size that best suits your door installation requirements to ensure a secure and aesthetically pleasing door operation

auto hinges 0 degree,auto hinges fitting,auto hinges soft close,auto hinges 180 degree also available.

steel autoclose hinges for cabinet.stainless steel for full overlay ,auto hinges sizes

all parts stainles steel hinges also available for more details clik on this link  Auto hinges stainless steel soft close Benzo 240gm heavy 0,8 crank all parts are stainless steel 5 years mechanism warrenty








Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 4 cm

0⁰, 8⁰, 16⁰

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