Europa Diamant padlock L158ss 58mm 7years warrenty 3keys (1349)

Europa Diamant padlock L158ss 58mm


58mm padlock lock

3 keys,

1.5 ton breaking load.

anti-cut hardened shackle.

DLSB technology , inner zinc alloy and outer stainless steel clinched rust proof body.

key material:brass

string twin stanless steel balls , with  double locking mechanism.

418.00 495.00


Europa Diamant padlock L158ss 58mm

The Europa Diamant padlock L158ss 58mm is a robust security solution designed to provide top-notch protection for your valuables. Priced at MRP-495, this 58mm padlock comes with three keys, ensuring accessibility without compromising security. With a remarkable 1.5-ton breaking load, this padlock is built to withstand considerable force, offering a high level of security.

The anti-cut hardened shackle adds an extra layer of defense against tampering, enhancing the padlock’s resistance to physical attacks. The incorporation of DLSB technology, along with an inner zinc alloy and outer stainless steel clinched rust-proof body, ensures durability and longevity in various environmental conditions.

Crafted with a key material of brass, the Europa Diamant padlock L158ss 58mm not only provides a secure locking mechanism but also boasts a corrosion-resistant design. The inclusion of a double locking mechanism, reinforced by twin stainless steel balls, enhances the padlock’s reliability.

Whether you’re securing your belongings indoors or outdoors, the Europa Diamant padlock L158ss 58mm stands as a reliable and effective choice for safeguarding your assets.

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