Drywall pop crome screw star all size 0.75″,1″,1.25″,1.5″,2″,2.5″,3″(pack of 500pcs) (1422)

Drywall pop crome screw star

size:1/2″,5/8″,1″,1.25″,1.5″,2″,2.5″,3″ available in 6no and 8no thickness.

rate given is for 500pcs

  • crome Phosphated Drywall Gypsum screws
  • Works with Wood, Plastic and even thin sheets of metal
  • Applications ~ A general purpose fixing for building and construction work, automobiles Bumper repairs
  • Sharp Point for smooth drill



Drywall pop crome screw star

👷crome Phosphated Drywall Gypsum screws are specially designed screws that are commonly used in construction projects to fasten drywall to wooden or metal studs, and also to attach other types of materials such as plastics or thin sheets of metal. These screws are coated with crome phosphate, which provides corrosion resistance and makes them more durable and long-lasting.

⚡️One of the main benefits of crome Phosphated Drywall Gypsum screws is that they are specifically designed for use with drywall, making them an ideal choice for hanging or securing drywall sheets to framing studs. The screw’s unique thread design enables it to penetrate the drywall surface easily and securely, minimizing the risk of the drywall cracking or breaking during installation.

✨In addition to drywall, these screws can be used for a wide range of other materials, including wood, plastic, and even thin sheets of metal. This versatility makes them a popular choice for a variety of construction and DIY projects. They can be used for everything from attaching baseboards and trim to framing windows and doors.

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13*6(1/2"), 16*6(5/8"), 19*6(3/4"), 25*6(1"), 32*6(1.25"), 38*6(1.5"), 50*6(2"), 60*6(2.5"), 75*6(3"), 16*8(5/8"), 19*8(3/4"), 25*8(1"), 32*8(1.25"), 38*8(1.5"), 50*8(2"), 60*8(2.5")

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