Drawer wardrobe cupboard handle antique glossy 221 6″,10″,13″,16″ (1564)

Drawer wardrobe cupboard handle antique glossy 221 6″,10″,13″,16″

total length: 6″,10″,13″,16″

hole to hole length: 4″(96mm), 8″(160mm) , 10″(224mm) , 12″ (288mm)

slim handle C type with long tail



Drawer wardrobe cupboard handle antique glossy 221 6″,10″,13″,16″

Introducing our Drawer Wardrobe Cupboard Handle in Antique Glossy Finish, available in multiple lengths to suit your unique needs. This exquisite handle is offered in four different sizes: 6 inches, 10 inches, 13 inches, and 16 inches, providing versatility for various furniture applications.

Key Features:

  • Antique Glossy Finish: The handle boasts an elegant antique glossy finish, adding a touch of vintage charm to your furniture.
  • Multiple Length Options: Choose from 6-inch, 10-inch, 13-inch, or 16-inch lengths to accommodate different drawer, wardrobe, and cupboard sizes.
  • Hole-to-Hole Lengths: Our handles come with varied hole-to-hole lengths for easy installation – 4 inches (96mm), 8 inches (160mm), 10 inches (224mm), and 12 inches (288mm).
  • Slim Handle Design: The slim handle features a sleek and modern design, providing a comfortable grip while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.
  • C Type with Long Tail: The handle is crafted in a unique C type design with an extended long tail, enhancing its overall visual appeal and making it stand out from conventional handles.

Enhance the look of your furniture with these Antique Glossy Drawer Wardrobe Cupboard Handles. The timeless design, coupled with the quality craftsmanship, ensures a durable and stylish solution for your home or office.

Upgrade your space with our Antique Glossy Handle – where functionality meets sophistication

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6", 10", 13", 16"

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