Door eye viewer crystal clear view brass antique 2″ (1142)

Door eye viewer crystal clear view brass antique 2″

suitable for door thickness from 25mm to 50mm.

HD Optical Glass Lens Offers 100-Degree Crystal Clear Panoramic View-The HD optical glass lens provides a 220-degree sharp and crystal clear panoramic view. It covers the area from the porch ceiling to the doormat, extending to both sides of the doorway across the street.You can spot packages without opening the door and easily see anyone present outside from head to toe. There is no blind spot where a person might lurk, offering you and your family top-level safeguard and security. Heavy Duty Privacy Cover Provides Top Privacy and Security-With the cover in place, no one from outside can see through the viewer into your home even with the reverse peephole. No light will beam through the hole to disturb you anymore with this nice touch. You can open and close the heavy duty back cover flexibly and smoothly. It allows you to identify visitors from a locked door, offering the highest level of privacy for your protection and safety. Built to Last Construction-Constructed from durable solid brass, the door viewer gives a lifetime of durability.  A must safety complement for home, office, hotel and anywhere you need to view who is outside your door before opening. We’ve been innovating security technology.

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Door eye viewer crystal clear view brass antique

Upgrade your home security with our Door Eye Viewer Crystal Clear View Brass Antique, designed to provide unparalleled safety and convenience. This product description highlights the key features and benefits:

Suitable for Various Door Thickness:

  • Accommodates door thickness ranging from 25mm to 50mm, ensuring compatibility with a variety of doors.

HD Optical Glass Lens for Crystal Clear View:

  • Equipped with a high-definition optical glass lens offering a 100-degree crystal clear panoramic view.
  • Enjoy a sharp and expansive 220-degree view, covering from the porch ceiling to the doormat and extending on both sides of the doorway.

Enhanced Security with Heavy-Duty Privacy Cover:

  • The heavy-duty privacy cover ensures top-level privacy and security.
  • No one from the outside can see into your home, even with a reverse peephole.
  • Say goodbye to unwanted light disturbances; the cover provides complete darkness.

Flexible and Smooth Operation:

  • The heavy-duty back cover opens and closes with ease, allowing you to identify visitors without compromising your safety.
  • Ideal for use in both residential and commercial spaces, offering a flexible and smooth operation.

Durable Solid Brass Construction:

  • Constructed from durable solid brass, our door viewer guarantees a lifetime of durability.
  • A must-have safety complement for homes, offices, hotels, and any location where knowing who is outside your door is crucial.

Innovative Security Technology:

  • We take pride in our continuous innovation in security technology, ensuring you stay ahead in safeguarding your home and loved ones.

Elevate your security measures with the Door Eye Viewer Crystal Clear View Brass Antique – where clarity meets durability for a lifetime of protection.

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