Boss maindoor lock three deadbolt 9952AB 1ck Antique finish 15 years warrenty tribolt(1052)

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Boss maindoor lock three deadbolt 9952AB

15 years warrenty

three bullet dead lock for single door lock.

brass antique finish


computerised keys.

14pin cylinder and ultra key.




1,990.00 2,695.00

Boss maindoor lock three deadbolt 9952AB

Introducing the Boss Maindoor Lock Three Deadbolt 9952AB – a robust and secure solution designed to safeguard your home with a touch of elegance. This premium lock comes with a 15-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting protection.

Featuring three bullet deadbolts specifically engineered for single-door applications, the Boss 9952AB boasts a distinctive brass antique finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your entrance. The package includes three computerized keys, providing advanced security measures to enhance your home’s safety.

Equipped with a 14-pin cylinder and an ultra key, the Boss Maindoor Lock ensures a high level of security. The strong and extra-large brass deadbolt, with two strokes, guarantees unmatched durability and resistance against unauthorized access.

Say goodbye to accidental door closings with the absence of a latch bolt. The lockable knob on the inside allows convenient and controlled operation of the lock, giving you the freedom to secure your home without compromising safety. Operated by a key from the outside and a lockable knob from the inside, this lock offers flexibility and ease of use.

Suitable for doors ranging from 30mm to 90mm in thickness, the Boss Maindoor Lock Three Deadbolt 9952AB adapts to various door sizes, making it a versatile choice for your home security needs. Elevate your entryway’s security and style with this state-of-the-art lock system that combines innovation, durability, and aesthetic appeal


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Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 cm

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  1. Avatar of praveen


    best lock under ₹2000 with 15 year’s warranty.value for money.


  2. Vivek

    Best price


  3. Narayan



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