Autohinges godrej slip on softclose 4hole 0-2226,8-2227,16-2228 crank m.s (mild steel) 1 year warrenty (1541)

Autohinges godrej slip on softclose 4hole 0,8,16 crank m.s (mild steel) 1 year warrenty

0 crank full overlay -product code 2226    MRP-230

8 crank half overlay -product code 2227   MRP-235

16 crank inset -product code 2228   MRP-240

slip on auto hinges soft close hydrolic.




Autohinges godrej slip on softclose 4hole 0,8,16 crank m.s (mild steel) 1 year warrenty

Autohinges Godrej Slip On SoftClose 4-Hole 0, 8, 16 Crank M.S (Mild Steel) – A Revolution in Door Hinges


Welcome to the future of door hardware! We present to you the Autohinges Godrej Slip On SoftClose, a 4-hole wonder that will transform the way you perceive door hinges. Whether you need the full overlay, half overlay, or inset configuration, this product is designed to meet your specific needs. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the world of Autohinges Godrej, covering everything from its features to its unique hydraulic soft-close technology.

What Sets Autohinges Godrej Apart?

When it comes to door hinges, Autohinges Godrej is the name you can trust. Here’s why:

1. Superior Quality Materials

Autohinges Godrej takes pride in using only the finest mild steel (M.S.) for its hinges. This ensures long-lasting durability and reliability, backed by a solid one-year warranty.

2. Multiple Configuration Options

Choose from three different configurations to fit your specific door type:

  • 0 Crank Full Overlay (Product Code 2226): A perfect fit for doors with a seamless, full-overlay design. Priced at just MRP 230.
  • 8 Crank Half Overlay (Product Code 2227): Ideal for doors that require a half-overlay hinge setup. Available at MRP 235.
  • 16 Crank Inset (Product Code 2228): For doors that need an inset configuration, this hinge is the perfect choice. Priced at MRP 240.

3. Soft-Close Hydraulic Technology

The Autohinges Godrej SoftClose technology revolutionizes the way doors close. Say goodbye to slamming doors and welcome a quiet, smooth, and controlled closure every time. No more disturbing noises, and no more damaged doors.

4. Expert Craftsmanship

These hinges are expertly crafted, designed to provide a seamless and aesthetic appeal. You won’t just experience convenience, but also an enhanced visual charm for your doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the soft-close technology work?

  • The soft-close technology uses a hydraulic mechanism that controls the door’s closing speed. As the door nears its closed position, the hydraulic system engages, slowing down the door’s movement, resulting in a gentle, noiseless close.

2. Are these hinges compatible with all door types?

  • Yes, Autohinges Godrej offers three different configurations to fit a variety of door types. Whether you have a full overlay, half overlay, or inset door, there’s a suitable hinge for you.

3. Do I need any special tools for installation?

  • No, these hinges are designed for easy installation. You won’t require any specialized tools. The package comes with clear instructions for hassle-free setup.

4. What’s the warranty on these hinges?

  • Autohinges Godrej stands behind its product with a one-year warranty. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

5. Can I purchase these hinges online?

  • Absolutely! You can conveniently purchase Autohinges Godrej hinges online through our trusted retailers or our official website.


Autohinges Godrej Slip On SoftClose hinges represent a remarkable advancement in door hardware. The combination of high-quality materials, soft-close technology, and versatile configurations makes these hinges a top choice for homeowners and contractors alike. Transform your doors with these innovative hinges and experience the ultimate in convenience, durability, and aesthetics. Say goodbye to the noise and hassle of traditional hinges and say hello to Autohinges Godrej.

Make your doors come alive with Autohinges Godrej!

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(0)full overlay, (8) half overlay, (16) inset

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