Araldite Fast and clear epoxy adhesive 5minutes setting 450gm (1537)

Araldite Fast and clear epoxy adhesive 5minutes setting 450gm


must be used within 5 minutes after mixed.

contains 2 tin of hardner and Resin.

joints are waterproof,stress proof,resistant to heat,corrosion and most chemicals.


950.00 1,090.00


Araldite Fast and clear epoxy adhesive 5minutes setting 450gm

safty precaution:do not swallow,keep out of reach of children.

direction:roughen,dry,and degrease surfaces to be bonded.

. use equal amount of resin and hardener.

. mix thoroughly.

. apply thin layer on any one surface to be bonded.

Araldite Fast and Clear Epoxy Adhesive, the quick and reliable solution for all your bonding needs. Available in various sizes to suit your project requirements, including 10g, 26g, 90g, 180g, and 270g, this epoxy adhesive offers a fast 5-minute setting time for efficient and durable bonding.

Key Features:

  1. Fast and Clear Bonding: Araldite’s Fast and Clear Epoxy Adhesive is designed for rapid bonding, with a setting time of just 5 minutes. This means you can complete your projects swiftly and efficiently.
  2. Versatile Sizes: Choose from a range of sizes, including 10g for small tasks and 270g for larger projects, ensuring you have the right amount of adhesive for the job at hand.
  3. Transparent Finish: The clear adhesive dries transparent, making it perfect for applications where aesthetics matter. It creates a clean and virtually invisible bond, preserving the appearance of your projects.
  4. Strong and Durable: This epoxy adhesive delivers a powerful and long-lasting bond, capable of withstanding various stresses, including impact, moisture, and temperature changes.
  5. Wide Range of Applications: Araldite’s Fast and Clear Epoxy Adhesive is suitable for a multitude of materials, including metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, and more. It’s a versatile adhesive for both household repairs and creative projects.
  6. Easy-to-Use: The simple and hassle-free application process ensures that you can achieve professional-quality results even without extensive experience. Follow the instructions provided for optimal bonding.
  7. Secure Cap: The adhesive containers come with secure caps to prevent drying and ensure the longevity of your adhesive.

Whether you’re fixing household items, crafting, or working on DIY projects, Araldite Fast and Clear Epoxy Adhesive is the reliable choice for fast and strong bonding. With its quick setting time and transparent finish, it not only saves you time but also provides a clean and professional look to your creations and repairs. Trust in Araldite for durable and efficient bonding solutions.

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 cm

10g, 26g, 90g, 180g, 270g

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