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Terms & Conditions



Bhoomi Hardware:  Terms of Trade


Bhoomi Hardware submits to you the General Conditions that rule your purchases on the Bhoomi Hardwares Retail Site bhoomihardware.com (hereinafter “the Site”). Bhoomi Hardwares amend regularly these terms according to the modifications, addings, retractings and novelties of the Site. We advise you to refer regularly to the last General Conditions version permanently available at this address:


Bhoomi Hardwares, Gandhi & Sons Building, Azizuddin Road, Bunder, Mangaluru – 575 001



Bhoomi Hardwares reminds you that giving an order implies your full acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale.



The price of the articles offered for sale on our Site include GST when applicable and are subject to the effective laws in force, in particular the Indian taxes.


All products and service orders are displayed in Indian Rupees(). For on-line credit card payments, the total amount due is charged to your credit card in Indian Rupees(). The $US or EURO – Indian Rupees() exchange rate is based on standard daily bank rates. The exact amount in Indian Rupees() is displayed on the page where you enter your credit card information.


Bhoomi Hardwares and its partners will be allowed to modify at any moment the products and services prices. In case of price changing during your giving an order, the appropriate price will be precisely the one inscribed on the product or the service at the moment of your order.



Bhoomi Hardwares is allowed to modify regularly its products and services catalog.


In case you do a mistake in ordering a product or a service, Bhoomi Hardwares will pay you back with a voucher which amount will correspond to the paid surplus. In case Bhoomi Hardwares or one of its partners are responsible for the mistake, Bhoomi Hardwares will pay you back either in the form of voucher or in the form of a cheque which amount will correspond to the paid surplus. In return, you promise to destroy all the loaded exemplaries.



The price is immediately eligible at the order moment. You have the possibility to pay by credit card.


Bhoomi Hardwares enforces customer protection by certifying your purchases on the Site.


Security of trades: When you place an order on the Site, you are asked for your credit card number. Bhoomi Hardwares is committed to transmitting your credit card number in an encrypted format. For this reason, Bhoomi Hardwares has subscribed to the “DirecPay” system in order to secure transactions on the Site. At payment of your order, your credit card number is send under a completely secure transmission to the financial establishment duly allowed to receive your order payment.





At the trading on line procedure end, you will be sending a digital invoice. Bhoomi Hardwares hold at your disposal the transaction paper invoice that you will be given provided you ask for it in writing. This invoice is the purchase proof on the Site and the proof of your Bhoomi Hardwares General Conditions approval.



You admit and you accept that the product or the service bought is delivered to you in good condition. If you find any discrepancies, you may inform us and we shall try to resolve to best of our mutual convenience and satisfaction. You may inform of an error in delivery by sending an e-mail to:info@bhoomihardware.in10.cdn-alpha.com



Cancellation of Order


Bhoomi Hardwares shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for Products listed at an incorrect price, rebate or containing any other incorrect information or typographical errors. Bhoomi Hardwares shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and User has been charged.

Customer shall be entitled to cancel an order of any Product, only before the Order has been shipped. Cancellation of the order can be done logging on to Bhoomi Hardwares ecommerce website(“e-commerce website”).

The Customer will be bound by the Cancellation and Return policy on (ecommerce website and shall not hold Bhoomi Hardwares (“Company”) liable for any loss that she/ he may incur due to cancellation and or return of the order.

6 Returns after Dispatch of Products (Only in case of damage to packaging and wrong product shipped. No exchanges allowed)


In case the Product is found having damage in packaging after delivery of the same and/or the wrong product is shipped, the User can request for return of the Product any time after delivery of the Product but not later than three (3) days from the date of delivery of the Product through e-commerce website.


The Customer needs to follow the process defined below for return: Send an email to info@bhoomihardware.in10.cdn-alpha.com seeking for return of the Products


For all returns to be considered valid by the Company the said return of the Products needs to be accompanied with the Invoice; All approval of returns are subject to verification by the Company and the same are left to the sole discretion of the Company.


In case the Customer finds quality issues after opening the package , the said grievance may be addressed to info@bhoomihardware.in10.cdn-alpha.com or a complaint lodged with the customer cell at (+91)70220 72430, 88842 61779.


In case, the Customer opts for return of the Product due to damage of packaging or wrong product shipped, Customer will have to ensure that the Product is returned in the condition as.


The Customer will be bound by this Policy and shall not hold the Company or the e-commerce website liable for any loss that she/ he may incur due to cancellation or return of the order.


Order will be cancelled and a refund will be initiated within one week when we have received the returned product.



For any further information, you should browse the Bhoomi Hardwares forum In order to be offered a personalized and effective customer service, you promise to supply us a real and complete information during your Bhoomi Hardwares registration.



The products and services property conveyance comes off at the precise moment when you completely paid each product and service price. The products and services loss and damages risks are conveyance to you at the Bhoomi Hardwares general terms of use approval moment.



Every element you will find on the Site in particular the texts, the information, the images, the software, the logos and other distinctive signs etc. may be protected by property rights in particular copyrights. By the way you promise not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, rent or exploit etc. whole or part of these elements in a commercial or other purpose, unless you have allowed to do it by the beneficiary.


Every representation or reproduction, total or partial, of the Bhoomi Hardwares catalog without Bhoomi Hardwares license is strictly forbidden. You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit whole or part of the Bhoomi Hardwares catalog in a commercial or other purpose.



Bhoomi Hardwares does not provide any express or implicit guarantee, including, without such list being exhaustive, the guarantees regarding the quality and compatibility of the service with a specific use, and non-violation of the service use rules by its users. In particular Bhoomi Hardwares does not guarantee that the service (i) shall exactly met your expectations (ii) shall be uninterrupted, timely, reliable or free of any error (iii) the results that may be obtained by using the service shall be accurate and reliable (iv) the quality of all the products, services, information or other material bought or obtained by you on the service shall be up to your expectations, and (v) that any faults in the software used shall be corrected.


Moreover, subject to the regulations in force, Bhoomi Hardwares may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage (notably loss of profits, clientele, data or other loss of intangible assets even if Bhoomi Hardwares is informed that such damage is potential) that may arise from (i) the use or on the contrary the impossibility of using the service (ii) the cost that may arise from the acquisition of substitute goods and services (iii) following unauthorized access to the service by a user or modification of your transmission or of your databank (iv) following a declaration or the conduct of a third party on the service and (v) any other issues concerning the service.



These General Conditions of Sale of the product and the service represent the entire agreement between Bhoomi Hardwares and you for the use of the service, and replace any previous agreement between you and Bhoomi Hardwares. As we indicated above, you may also be subject to the additional General Conditions of sale specific to certain services, third party content and third party software which will be provided to you when you access such service, content or software. Failure by Bhoomi Hardwares to exercise its recognized rights in application of these General Conditions of sale is(are) cancelled by a court decision, the other provisions shall remain valid and shall continue to apply to the parties. The headings of the articles are provided for guidance only.





Bhoomi Hardwares.

Gandhi & Sons Building, Azizuddin Road, Bunder, Mangaluru – 575 001

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